1911 BAR grip frame

I’ve got a fever…and the only prescription…is more Browning!

How do you make your Browning Automatic Rifle even more Browning? By making it part 1911 pistol, that’s how!

BAR 1911 grip frame

We noticed this among a pile of parts…someone took a BAR grip frame and welded on the pistol grip from a 1911. Yep, it’s a total Bubba modification…but I gotta say it feels better in the hand than the standard BAR grip (which I really don’t like).

BAR 1911 grip frame


  1. Cool! Do you have anything on the “flamming bayonet” attachment for the US 1903 and 1917 Rifles? That would be pretty cool. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I’d really like to see that mounted on a BAR. I’m seeing in my mind something like the Polish BAR, but I’m not sure.

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