FS2000 at the Range

Yep, it’s a rifle that’s barely 15 years old – but I think it’s on its way to becoming a Forgotten Weapon. So today we have a video on FN’s FS2000 black rifle. It was designed for military use, but contracts have been well below FN’s hopes – only Slovenia has decided to adopt it as a standard service weapon (several other nations have bought small quantities for specialized uses).

Being a swoopy-looking black polymer rife, it isn’t the sort of thing I’m normally drawn to. But…attitudes can change. It’s a very comfortable rifle to shoot, and internally it borrows heavily from the AR-18, which is a long-time favorite of ours.


  1. I think it’s a little misleading to call it an AR-18 internally. Its salient features are those of an AUG (with one guide rod removed). The AUG surely shares some genes with the AR-18, but it’s weird enough that it warrants its own classification, IMO, especially since the pistons are different.

  2. Hi Ian

    Good showing with not as ‘forgotten’ rifle! I am kind of interested in it, but purely on technical basis. As Nathaniel said before me, I do not quite concurr that this is simply derivate of AR18(0). I believe it is a design by its own merit. I like that stripping is simple and it doesn’t leave any small/ loose parts lying around. Regarding trigger pull: I have tried other bullpups including FAMAS and AUG. They are all like that. One reason may be that their trigger linkage is “push” rather than “pull” type (although we say “pull” the trigger). If they were of an alternate concept they may yield better result. One more thing I want to mention is that as you start with firing you tone down the volume; this is gentlemanly gesture and I appreciate it very much!

    Wishing you and all readers happy and safe holidays!

    • Denny, check out the EM-1 manual on this site for a radically different approach to bullpup trigger mechanisms. The EM-2 was also fairly different if memory serves, but during testing the trigger did not seem to work well.

    • I am answering ‘myself’ since have more field in view. I did not manage to get into trigger detail of EM-2 however, found couple pages plus video how to fix the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4lN6Nt74n7o

      Some people also cut back on sear springs load down to 6.5#. This has proved rather tricky since it may cause mechanism to be unsafe in certain conditions.

      When I look at that long (albeit) thick push thansfer bar, I was right away ‘at home’ – no wonder! The trig- mech seems to resemble the one from AUG.

  3. I’d be curious to hear your comparison of the trigger of the FS2000 and the Kel-Tec RFB. Supposedly, the RFB does not have the creeping trigger issue that other bullpups do.

  4. What we don’t see is the modular trigger mech, which slots in the back of the lower and is accessed by sliding off the rubberised butt-pad. As to the handguard, it’s replaceable by a modular underbarrel grenade launcher, as well as any ‘tactical’ accessories you care to fit to the M1913 rail.

  5. Ian,
    We all know that you like the AR-18/AR-180 a great deal. You’ve yet to feature it though. Is this something that the new year will fix?

  6. For as much as one of those cost it better clean the brass up and reload it for me. I can handle the plastic shell of it but the plastic ejection parts is a deal breaker for me even though im sure its well tested it doesn not inspire confidence to me.

  7. Held one of these at a gun show about ten years ago, felt comfortable and not really as bulky as it looks. The price was a bit high at 1800 bucks sans the factory optics, I bet that would be a good price today. Thanks for the video, I hadn’t seen one field-stripped before.

    • Given that prices for all semi-autos are going through the roof the last couple of weeks, yeah, $1800 doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

  8. I’ve found a couple of FN patents for forward ejection with an AR18 type action (Johnston multi lug bolt, short stroke gas piston)

    The first Predazzer, and likely covers the 2000 model rifle it is dated ’97

    The later one is by Denuit, and is dated 2002

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