Merry Christmas!

A Merry Madsen
You might be a gun nut if there is something like this in your living room…

I’m not much for the commercialization of the day, so I’m spending it out at the range with some new goodies. The blog will return tomorrow with some Mexican rifle photos!


  1. Whenever I see a Madsen I think of Uncle Bob, up there now teaching Jesus how to clean it after Bob got done firing it.
    Merry Christmas Uncle Bob and to the Forgotten weapons folks.

  2. Merry Christmas,
    and thanks for the presents (posts) you’ve been giving us all year.

    I guess Greenland is a Danish protectorate, so perhaps Santa might have his own Madsens.

  3. Merry Christmas. happy and healthy New Year, and thanks for spending time with the BANZAI folks at the Phoenix Show!

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