Mystery Swede

We found these photos of a Swedish semiauto conversion, and have no information on the design. Have you seen this rifle?

Mystery Swedish rifle

left side

right side more

top closed

top open

Any insights? The only reason we’re even saying it’s Swedish is the “Stockholms Vapenfabrik” inscription on the receiver. The rear sight is a Lange type like on a Gewehr 98, but I don’t know what (if anything) can be implied from that.


  1. Thanks Ian, and thanks Eric and Swede 1896,

    Technika used to comment over at Practical Machinist, he’s a really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly guy (he was especially knowledgeable on Lugers).

    Glad to see how his site has developed.

  2. Will you be doing a write-up on this firearm for the site? I’m looking forward to learning more about this unique gun.

  3. Judging from just the photographs alone ( which can sometimes be deceptive ), this particular example appears to be superbly made and very nicely finished, especially with regards to the metalworking.

  4. it looks like a kjellman prototype rifle. if i remember right it was a attempt to convert existing mausers in the swedish army to semi auto ones

  5. Nope, this is no conversion.
    It’s a Swedish 1870th Construction for a automatic gun that was first produced in 1890th.
    The storys says that 51 or 53 rifles was made and only as prototypes.

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