1. It could have been better.
    Horizontal stitching.
    As you would expect on an elderly rifle with horizontally positioned lugs and, in addition, weak bedding.

    • You watching how fast he’s shooting?
      He’s not letting the barrel cool between shots and that heat shield is not helping.
      There’s nothing wrong with the gun. If he let it cool between shots with the bolt open for about 60 seconds the group would easily be sub-MOA.

      • “…the group would easily be sub-MOA…”

        …And if you remove the heat shield from the rifle, then the group becomes 0.5 MOA.
        And if you eliminate the influence of global warming, then 0.25 MOA. LOL

        PS Usually, too lazy to comment on such nonsense, but could not resist. 😉

  2. Love to have one but for 7 grand I’ll pass , way out of my range,7000 bucks will by a few rifles, wish I could afford , ol well

  3. I think a lot of the blame lies with the “very precise surplus”.
    A prerequisite for such systems is tight contact on both bearing surfaces of the bolt.
    This obviously does not happen as the bolt closes without noticeable resistance.
    Perhaps, especially for such rifles, the French produced a “sniper cartridge” with an increased main distance…

    How about shooting this rifle with reloaded brass?
    This can fix the situation.

    You saved the used brass, right?..

    • That ringing sound when fired…
      It doesn’t have to be.
      It may be an illusion, but the bolt handle seems to move slightly when fired.
      I would question the technical serviceability of the device.

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