Development of the CZ Skorpion from Laugo Prototype to Evo3A1

The CZ Skorpion grew out of a Czech Army request for a new 9x19mm SMG as the newly formed Czech Republic pivoted to a Western orientation in the 1990s. The CZ factory took a look at what it already had that might be suitable, and did in fact revisit the vz.61 Skorpion design in 9x19mm (originally designated vz.68). This was the Skorpion Evo2, and it was actually a pretty user-friendly gun, but much too expensive for mass production in the 90s.

As this reality became clear, CZ began talking to Ján Lučanský of Laugo Arms; he had designed a simple blowback design that was much more suited to the Czech Army request. CZ acquired the design and hired Lučanský and he finished refining the gun into the Evo3. This was followed by an improved Evo3A1 with a number of minor improvements.

Today, we are going through this development process starting with one of Lučanský’s original prototypes and moving all the way through the Evo3A1.


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