Cutaway AK kits available at Apex

I have been a bit remiss, and didn’t notice the cutaway Polish AK kits that Apex Gun Parts has had for a while. Well, they went on sale today, and I just took the opportunity to pick one up. We’re big fans of cutaway guns here at Forgotten Weapons – they are great tools for learning how guns work and teaching folks with. Our reserve collection doesn’t have a cutaway AK, I’m fixing that right now.

Polish cutaway AK parts kit from Apex Gun Parts

At their sale price of $250 for a kit (not a complete gun, unfortunately – ATF considers cutaways still live guns so the receivers have to be chopped for importation), I think it’s a great deal – I doubt we’ll see these again anywhere else. As a side note, this is why we’re very happy to have Apex as a partner with Forgotten Weapons. They come up with some really neat stuff. So let’s see we can help them sell out of these cool kits!


  1. Well,
    Lucky for you Ian,
    I tried to find Webley MK4 extractors and sadly Apex nolonger have them,I need extractor for 2nd cylinder and dont know where to find them in .38 caliber??

    This forced me to buy complete cylinder with extractor,
    but separately extractors not available anywhere and I dought Aberdeen or you got any on reserve..

  2. your cutaway AK-47 kits appear complete witha cut up receiver. what about the Barrell??…i could use most of the parts to rebuild a semi auto rifle using these stocks …
    If the BBl is no good, no use to me but thanks.

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