Treeby “Chain Gun”

We’re going to jump back a hundred years, and take a look at a design from 1854 today – although it was a design well ahead of its time. The Treeby chain gun was a percussion rifle that could fire 14 rounds in rapid succession, unlike anything else available at the time. We took a look at one in person:


  1. Wow, incredibly Steampunk. It’s almost like each chamber is a proto-cartridge, what with the percussion caps on the end of each. If the developer had worked out how to have removable, reloadable chambers, he might have secured some sales.

    Thanks for the post

  2. Do you know anything of the inventor of the Treeby chain gun, where he lived, what was his occupation, I’m sure he is not in my direct line but it would usefu;l to see if there is a link.
    Craig Treeby

  3. I have a few questions, what is the actual name of this marvelous rifle? when I saw it, my first though was, steampunk, and the next was, I must find out more about this gun. Another question would be, do you happen to know where I can get ,y hands on one of these lovely rifle, being that you can still get this rifle despite the number of rifle you stated in the video. Thank you for you time and answers. Robert

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