Chang Feng CS/LS 06 – China’s Take on the Helical-Mag SMG

The Chang Feng is named for the company that developed it, the Chongqing Chang Feng Company Ltd in (you guessed it) Chongqing. It was designed by one Qing Shangsheng, who had ample prior firearms design experience (including the Type 64 and 67 pistols and Type 80 SMG). The design is based around a helical magazine inspired by the Russian Bizon and the American Calico. Early patterns used the magazine as a buttstock, but it was moved up on top of the weapon. The early versions were also chambered for the Chinese 5.8mm pistol cartridge before being changed to 9x19mm to better suit an export market.

The final production version included a threaded muzzle device for suppressor use, a rear-mounted rail for a variety of optional optical sights, and a telescoping stock. It was sold to a number of Chinese security agencies as well as being exported to Myanmar, Venezuela, and Uganda.

Many thanks to the French IRCGN (Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie) for generously giving me access to film this very rare specimen for you! They maintain an extensive firearms reference collection as part of their mission to fight crime and international terrorism.


  1. I’d love to see more Chinese weapons. they have a unique history of trying new things and doing it uniquely like the French, except the Chinese copy everyone but no one copies the chinese. see their ultra light hmgs, type 89 or 171, that use titanium in the receivers and their grenade launchers like the qlz87. All unique ideas that no one else is doing.

    • A page from FN’s Minimi, if you’re out of loaded drums, at least you can use pistol mags you already have on hand. Respectable capacity for that rate of fire.

    • Excerpt from a Chinese website:


      “The auxiliary ammo supply is a magazine from the QSZ92 pistol inside the pistol grip. The intent of the twin-feed design appears to be providing sustained suppressive fire in case of the drum runs dry, enabling the shooter to change the drum at a later time. However, these two feeding mechanisms can’t be employed at the same time: When feeding from the drum, the pistol magazine is inserted to the first indent. When the drum runs dry, the shooter inserts the pistol mag further into the second indent, enabling the gun to feed from the pistol mag. This design was cancelled during the design review stage due to its complicated nature reducing reliability, as the shooter might accidentally bump the pistol mag into the second indent, causing a double feed.”


  2. Since the LS-06 feeds from above the grip, it’s only really a “bullpup” by the loosest definition (firing mechanism behind the grip) that would also apply to most modern semiauto pistols with the mag in the grip.

  3. China is a highly interesting country when it comes to firearms. in contrary to the West, it’s factories, results of Army trials etc. are completely intransparent to the outsider. And despite (maybe because of?) the lavk of private gun ownership, there is actually an enthusiastic firearms scene, which often helps itself with replicas, Airsoft etc.

  4. Interesting gun. I really want to know what the gun on the counter behind your right shoulder is. The one playing a game of “One of these things is not like the others”.

  5. What I want to see coupled with the helical magazine idea is the Dardick Tround concept. I keep looking at that idea and going “Man, that sure looks like it would work…”

    Supposing anyone ever manages to work out how to seal the chambers and come up with a decent caseless propellant, it’d be kinda interesting to throw in caseless technology, as well.

    That’s several generations of materials/propellant improvements away, though.

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