CETME LC: Last of the Roller-Delayed Carbines

The Spanish adopted the 5.56mm CETME-L rifle in the mid 1980s, although they only used it until the late 1990s, when it was replaced by the G36. One of the sub variants made was the LC (“Corto”) shortened version with a 12.6″ (320mm) barrel and collapsing stock. This adaptation actually required substantial changes to the internals parts of the gun, as the standard CETME-L rifle has its recoil spring housed in the buttstock – something that obviously cannot be done with a collapsing stock design. Thus, the LC model has a different bolt carrier, recoil spring, stock, and charging handle than the regular rifle.

This example is a Marcolmar production one, registered as a short-barreled rifle.


  1. The changes seems like something, had they thought of them earlier in the development process, might have been used on the standard fixed-stock rifles, thus allowing the stocks to be an easily changed part (for example removing it for use as a internal vehicle mounted weapon.)

  2. All they really did here is go to the way HK has done it from the start. The G3 and 33 can go from fixed stock to collapsible stock with no parts change. I never understood why Cetme felt the need to re design these L’s. The 33/93 is a much better weapon imo.

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