Brownells Retro AR-15 Family: What Was, Is and Yet to Come

Brownells has produced a substantial line of retro AR-15 pattern rifles, from the “Proto” with the trigger-shaped charging handle to the M16A1 and XM-177 rifles and carbines. Today I am joined by Paul Levy from Brownells at RIA to discuss how these rifles came to be, and what the future plans are for the line.


  1. I love that they have done this, all of them! I lust for the rifles now as when I was young , the A1 and M177E2 in particular. The A2 was too long in the stock for me, I never could warm up to it. Why did these come to market when I am sick and on a pension?!?. Dies Brownells have a blemished parts section?

  2. My first AR was a 20″ Bushmaster XM-15 (back when they were REALLY Bushmaster). I put surplus M16 triangle handguards on, and the thing looks just like my issued M16A1, other than the happy switch missing. Has A1 sights, even. Still my favorite.

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