Chassepot to FAMAS: Limited Quantity Back in Stock

Missed out of Chassepot to FAMAS? We have a limited number of blue signature editions form the original print run available now:

They will not last long, and I don’t know when we will be reprinting the book.


  1. Between this and the Brownell’s vids, the channel seems to be skewing to ads lately. I’m not going to say something like ‘I’ll never watch anything here again.’, but I have skipped several recently.

    Hoping to be back to auction and other regular content sometime soon.

    Everyone’s chasing dollars, I guess.

    • Calling this or the Brownell’s retro piece “ads” is a bit much. A fancy book on old French rifles, and retro M16A1s, are very much in the forgotten weapons category, things which are not kept in stock at the local gunstore.

  2. “Shameless Commercial Plug” – The late, lamented Car Talk (or as my late, lamented Dad used to call them “The Car Nuts”)

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