Bin Shih on Chinese Rifles of WW2

We have another interview segment with Bin Shih today, this time discussing the commonly used bolt action rifles that were the backbone of the Chinese infantry during the war with Japan.

I do want to thank everyone for the interest in Bin’s book – since we posted our first interview, he has sold out of the Chinese edition. More are on order, so please keep an eye on his web site if you would like to get a copy when they are back in stock. Thanks for supporting his work!

I also received a copy of the Hanyang Arsenal test conclusions about the General Liu rifle. It’s in Chinese, of course – if anyone fluent would be willing to provide an English translation, I would love to post that as well.

Hanyang report on the General Liu Rifle (Chinese)


  1. Ive just recieved my copy of Bin’s book… notch on a little known part of history, thanks Bin for a job well done. Jack Wallace

  2. I completely agree on the Bin books – i bought both editions from him, Chinese (which has better pictures) and English (which has text that I can understand), and I’m very pleased with this set-up

    Thank you, mr.Bin Shih, and thank you, ForgottenWeapons crew!

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