Chinese Thompson

I don’t have much background information on this piece, but it is a Chinese Thompson submachine gun in 7.62 x 25 caliber, using what appear to be PPS43 magazines. If anyone has information about these conversions, I would definitely like to know. Could be a good project for a homebuilder, too!

See all the photos in the Chinese Thompson page in the Vault…

Chinese Thompson SMG in 7.62x25mm


  1. Out of curiosity – why the “blacked out” areas around the trigger and trigger housing? Something TOP SECRET? I’m guessing the blackout on top of the reciever is for the serial no. but I’m stumped as to why the trigger area has been blacked out to some degree.

  2. ok,after 1949,we have no guns for our PLA,so we must have the old guns repaired or have it diameter changed.
    It’s interesting.

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