Bin Shih and the General Liu Rifle

When we spoke to Bin Shih about his recent book and Chinese firearms in general, he brought several interesting guns along to show us. By far the rarest was a General Liu rifle, and we decided to devote a complete episode to it. It’s definitely a forgotten weapon, and we appreciated having the chance to take a closer look at one and learn some of its history from Mr Shih.

BTW, there is some noise from camera movement, and we apologize for it – I didn’t notice it until it was too late to retape the interview.

For more information and some photos, take a look at the 2004 article Bin Shih wrote for Military Rifle Journal on the General Liu:

If you are interested in Chinese weapons of the WWII era, I recommend picking up a copy of his excellent book on the subject, which is available at his web site, <a href=””></a>. It does not include the Liu (which was too early for the scope of the book, 1937-1945), but provides a lot of otherwise unavailable information on a wide variety of Chinese firearms.


  1. Nice gun!…one of few guns Chinese made by themselves…and that’s a pity that it was forgotten immediately. If you make a shooting video that would be GREAT !!!

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