Bergmann MP32 photos

We have a gallery of photos not of a Bergmann MP32 submachine gun, to add to the manuals already posted on the Bergmann MP32 page in the Vault:

Bergmann MP32

The bolt handle on the MP32 does not reciprocate when firing. To manually bring the bolt back, you rotate the handle 90 degrees upward and pull back, then push the handle forward and lock it down to the right. Note the helpful arrow for disassembly…

Bergmann MP32 bolt handle

Also distinctive on the MP32 is the look of the trigger. The mechanism is designed so that a short pull will fire single shots, and a longer pull will allow automatic fire.

Bergmann MP32 trigger


  1. Funny. That arrow for disassembly was also on slide bars of Steyr Hahn pistols. Common factory tool maybe, or just a common symbol in German/Austrian arms?

  2. That trigger arrangement is completely new to me, and I consider it brilliant. (at least in theory)

    Thanks for educating me.

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