Schouboe Model 1916: The Final Attempt

The final iteration of the Danish Schouboe pistol is this, the model 1916. Produced in prototype quantities only, it took the features of the 1910 pattern (safety and external barrel pivot) and made a few more changes. The slide no longer telescopes over the barrel – possibly to add mass and reduce slide velocity? The grip angle has been made very aggressively steel, with checkering on both front and back straps (and on the now-enlarged magazine release).

This example is serial number 366, which comes within the range of known 1910 pattern examples. This raises questions about the production order; perhaps when the new grip style failed to meet a goal the factory went back to the 1910 pattern? Or perhaps additional 1910 type unswore assembled from existing parts right at the end of production? Unless more primary source records come to light, we do not know.


  1. More mass because no cutout? The slide is cut off at the back of where the cutout would be. The “cutout” is now everything forward of the breechface rather than just an ejection port.

  2. This version looks very much like it was based on the Colt Woodsman .22 LR pistol. I’m wondering if the changed grip angle was a first step toward recalibering the design to 9 x 19mm, using a P.08 style magazine.



  3. An odd (and from the video quite large) beast – noting that (even with the Danish neutrality rules) none of any of his designs / pistols appear to have turned up in a pistol short Germany WWI. Which perhaps a judgement in itself of the pistol. Also surprised (given the Madsden link) that a more ‘commercial’ design e.g. .32 caliber (which ‘I presume’ it was capable of taking), semi Browning 1900 type etc wasn’t designed / produced.

  4. I don’t think the shape of the slide is related to the desire to increase its weight. If the cartridge is the same, the weight of the slide, on the contrary, should be reduced, if possible.
    Somewhere it came across that they had a rather unpleasant recoil.
    Apparently, therefore, the shape of the handle is the same, for less kick.

    The magazine fixer looks absolutely idiotic.

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