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Oerlikon 20mm manual

The Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft cannon was widely used by naval and air forces during World War II, by countries on both sides.  It is a fairly well-recognized weapons, with a characteristic offset 60-round drum magazine. […]

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G41(M) manual

The G41 was the first semiauto rifle adopted by the German military, and it was not particularly successful. The Mauser version in particular was really a failure – only a few thousand were produced before […]

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Madsen M50 manual

The Danish Madsen firm (Dansk Industri Syndikat) just never quite hit the big-time. They built lots of interesting, good firearms, but never quite came up with something that became really iconic.  The M/50 is a […]

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garand development

Czech ZH29

The Czech ZH29 is a meticulously made example of early semiautomatic rifle design. Made in the era before WWII when great care was taken in making arms, the only stamped parts on it are the […]

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EM-1 Manual

After World War II, the British began serious development of a replacement for the Sten and Enfield. A selfloading rifle was an obvious necessity, and they British took a lesson from German arms development and […]

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Welrod pistol

The Welrod pistol was a creation of the British special operations community during the middle of WWII. A suppressed pistol was needed to shoot sentries on covert missions, and the Welrod was the answer. It […]