Chinese Type 64 suppressed SMG

Ever since 7.62×25 Tokarev ammo showed up dirt cheap on the market here in the US, people have been hankering for a light, handy carbine to shoot it. We’ve seen a few such guns show up to meet the demand – semiauto builds of PPS43 and PPSh41 submachineguns and the occasional Sterling chambered for it. Those are neat, but what I would really like to build is a Type 64 Chinese SMG.

Chinese Type 64 suppressed SMGIt’s the same basic unlocked blowback action as most submachineguns, but coupled with an integral suppressor. Now there’s a good use for a pistol-caliber carbine! To build it right would require two tax stamps (short barrel and suppressor, not including the full auto capacity the real ones have), but I think it would be well worth it if done right. The receiver is a fairly simple machined block of steel, and nothing in the build would be all that complicated.

This is definitely on my to-do list of projects. If you’re interested in doing the same (or just seeing more of the gun), you can find a plethora of detailed photos on the Chinese Type 64 suppressed SMG page in the Vault.

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  1. Hey Ian,
    Have you ever come the ammunition they made for this submachinegun? The stuff with the 120 grain steel core projectiles?

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