Welrod pistol

The Welrod pistol was a creation of the British special operations community during the middle of WWII. A suppressed pistol was needed to shoot sentries on covert missions, and the Welrod was the answer. It was a manually operated magazine fed handgun with a large integral suppressor. The suppressor was made with rubber baffles that worked very well, but only for a handful of rounds before they began to disintegrate. The front half of the body was removable to facilitate changing the baffles,as well as to allow easier concealment of the parts of the gun.

Welrod pistol bodyThe Welrod is a fairly simple gun mechanically, and would make a good project for an aspiring homebuilder, I think. Easier to get working than a semiauto, but still historically very interesting. For a bit more technical discussion and a bunch of detailed photos of the internal parts, please continue on the the Welrod pistol page in the Vault.


  1. this is one of my favorite websites, but you need to practice your photography! particularly with regards to light! please!

    • The main (light-)problems with some photos (also in other vaults) can be solved by yourself if the background is white.
      A light grey backgrund is also ok but red, green or blue is a desaster.

      • Yep, I know some of the sets leave a lot to be desired. We’re setting up a much better photography area right now, and when it’s done in a month or two (part of a bigger project), the quality will improve significantly.

        For the time being, I’m posting photos that were already taken, so there’s still a fair bit of material that will have some lighting and focus issues.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Better photos would be nice, but I ain’t throwing rocks. I am embarrised to say I had never heard of this weapon. Thanks, you folks have a wonderful website.

  3. This weapon…is silent, effective, and simple to conceal. It is accurate up to 30 yards during the day and 20 yards at night when there is a reasonable amount of light, but it is most effective when fired directly at the target.

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