1. Ian,

    You let the cat out of the bag. Now there is another rifle for Sleepy Joe to try and ban, just as soon as he can find a pen.

  2. Ian a while back you showed a cetme with a folding stock ( I believe it was an over folder, that didn’t work well.
    I went to work and created a non destructive ,attachable device to allow an under folder to attach to a conventional cetme or other variant. I also made it to allow the users face to be correctly positioned. As well as mag release and ejection port to function.
    And of course mag to be attached. I have to say I impressed myself but are you and others interested?
    I was considering if I should go into production , obtain a patent, or partner with a manufacturer. I would appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Yeah, come on. Joe B isn’t a weapons expert. So what? He’s not employed to be one. He’s a politician elected by the people to make decisions, within the Constitution, about public safety (among other things) on the basis of expert advice. Like his immediate and other predecessors.

    A long-standing NRA thing has been to point out alleged technical inaccuracies in statements by “anti-gun” politicians. “It’s a magazine, not a clip, doofus”; “5.56 is not ‘powerful’”; “‘cop-killer’ AP pistol bullets are no different from 30-06 rifle ones”. They are all true, but miss the point (definitions don’t matter to the victim;5.56 kills, esp at ten rounds a second; pistols are easier to conceal than hunting rifles).

    You guys can set whatever laws you want, but the idea that unless your President is Larry Vickers (not the worst idea), they are unfit to opine on guns is silly.

    • The whole point is that anti-gun politicians don’t really care about the technical details. Their whole idea isn’t to redefine guns but somehow make access to guns impossible for murderers (especially terrorists and serial killers). Taking guns away, however, will not deter murderers from committing murder. I would argue that more people have been murdered with bricks wrapped in socks than with guns world-wide. I could be wrong.

      • Technically, Biden was put in by the electoral college votes. Don’t join the conspiracy theorists on this. TRUST ME.

    • You are making excuses for powerful politicians who pass bills. like the ACA, without reading them and with faulty definitions, and sometimes based on lies. Don’t pontificate as a politician if you are ignorant, which most politicians seem to be these days. Uncle Joe also suggested just randomly firing a twelve-gauge at an assumed threat. Real brilliant.

  4. Not getting into that debate. I have my views, others have theirs. Not the issue. But legislative decisions should be based on facts and science and therefore informed judgment, within the law.

    Cheap shots from either side of any debate (and there are lots) should be seen as what they are, and called out, rather than encouraged, replicated, or tolerated.

    • Jerries used to say “Dreimal 100 Advokaten – Vaterland, du bist verraten; acht und achtzig Professoren – Vaterland, du bist verloren”…

  5. I notice that externally, the AR-14 bore a strong resemblance to the Remington 742 autoloader introduced in 1960. Both resembled standard pump-action shotguns of the day.



    • Quality control; I read in a “ye olde” guns and ammo, they litterally shot thousands of rounds, had a photo of a giant pile of spent casings… To prove it.

      Modern world eh, 787 max; can’t fly without electrics… Yet they don’t even show a big pile of smashed models.

      They use you as the test; very economical on paper for sure, mind you if anyone ever gets on one again is another story.

      • (I understand in principle, it would have be exciting to make a “biscuit” in essence, by continually altering its flaps, etc.)

        Techincal problem; it crashed killing everyone.

      • “(…)787 max(…)”
        jetliners are far more complicated than shotguns (more moving parts) so it is virtually impossible to test all possibilities.

        • Yes well I suggest as a consequence we select a design which could actually fly without electronics, acting to compensate every second. Eurofighters a bit like that 787 apparently; without its electronic… Things, its a firework.

          Progess yes; Don’t do it, so in civilian terms 300 etc don’t all die.

          • Ok it is progress in theory, if you can make a “firework” thus, it has less bits… But flies like a plane. My objection is, they could have tested the R51 fucker. Couldn’t they.

          • Proper testing, a pile of smashed models. Proof like empty cases. And the models want to have wee folk in them with x x’s for eyes when they are smoked. 100 quid.

            How much have Boeing lost.

        • Its a Audi gas emission “cheat” I.e. Bollocks. Proof? They are nose down in the soil on fire with everyone on board dead.

          Remington r51 customer test. Literally.

  6. I personally do think pistols should have safeties; I mean, I don’t want to sound like a gun control person… But like.

    Moms in Walmart; BANG!!! No face. Police in “etc” black guys, popped… Maybe a pause would help; known as a safety catch in western Europe.

  7. If you are going to opine on a topic you should at least understand the aspects of that topic you are opining on. Otherwise you just come across as an ignoramus.

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