1. Erma MP.35’s were substitute standard weapons issued to SS, foreign, and behind the front security units. The German soldiers in this picture appear to be wearing Feldpolezi (MP) gorgets around their necks. They were known as ‘chain dogs’ by common German soldiers.

  2. Good observation, as a military figure painter/collector I recognized the gorgets – but only after John pointed them out. John…are you a relative of the Congressman from MI???

    CB in FL

  3. Are you sure about the ID on that? Everything I’ve ever seen shows the MP35 as being fed from the right hand side, not the left. That picture isn’t very clear, but it sure as heck looks to me like the mag well is on the left hand side of the weapon. Unless the negative is somehow reversed, and the gentleman carrying the weapon is left-handed, or something equally “off”.

    Additionally, the stock does not look “right” for an MP35. MP35 has the foregrip extending past the magazine well, and no sign of whatever it is that the shooter is gripping with his apparent left hand. There are things in that picture that look like an MP35, but there are also some other things that make me doubt the ID.

  4. The image is not reversed as can be seen from the cuff titles worn by both soldiers being worn properly on the left forearm sleeve.

  5. Interesting… Through this post, I find that a.) I don’t know my German weapons as well as I thought I did, and that b.) a reference I’ve relied on for years mis-identifies the Bergmann as an Erma. Also, that the Germans were alarmingly casual with assigning weapons IDs.

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