Vintage Saturday: LMG Variety Pack

Chinese troops with a variety pack of LMGs - DP, ZB, BAR
Around here we grin like this when we get our hands on these guns too…because we don’t have return fire coming in at our range. (photo courtesy Max Popenker)

ZB light machine guns are pretty often seen with Chinese troops, but the DP-28s are less common. And the BAR variant (either a Colt or FN-D) is downright unusual.


    • You know how things go, when someone has a camera, and the say cheese and everyone smiles. Well I used to just say “is your zipper up?” and if it were all men, the smile came even from the most anti-smile person in the pack.

  1. the best we can have here (holland) is a semi auto version of that dp 28 and than only if receiver, bolt and barrel are new made semi auto parts. probably, if we are lucky. apart from a few collectors with a special “museumpermit”, who can for scientific, cultural and historical reasons fire their full-autos every now and then. but hey, we have pot!

    PS: i find the site always slow to load. are there more with that problem? i use chrome on an imac.

  2. Those guys are dressed like Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese National Revolutionary troops, I believe American weapons (and support) were readily available to this army. –

  3. Looks like Two comrades – Comrade Obama in glasses with a DP 28 pan, and Comrade Hiliary on his LHS with the DP AND pan…so much for honor anmong butchers – HE’s letting HER hump the HEAVY S**T…IIRC isn’t there a ZB present in the opening ambush scene of “We Were Soldiers…

    CB in FL

  4. Great photo! The BAR variant seen could as well be a Polish-made RKM wz.28. It was exported to China. I have a photo somewhere, depicting a Nationalist Chinese soldier wearing a German supplied steel helmet, armed with a wz.28.

  5. Wish you would do a work up on the FN-D and its various calibers. I have an Israeli in 308. I’ve heard they were made in everything from 6.5 to 30-06 and a lot of calibers in between. It has quite a background in several theater’s of war.

  6. Really interesting photograph — the FN Model D BAR ( or RKM wz.28 ) and DP stand out in contrast to the general plethora of zb.30’s. Ruy, if you get to read this, please post the photo you mentioned in your Oct. 6th comment. It would be a great topic for further discussion. Thanks!

    • Earl, I will gladly do so and also agree it would be a nice topic for discussion, but that depends mostly on Ian’s help (and willingness to post the picture). I will thus send the photo to him. You can also send him an e-mail on the subject.

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