1. The Bike is 1920-1930’s English, judging from the right-handed shifter and the girder forks…I think either a Velocette or early Norton…but I could be wrong…

  2. This bike looks to be a Motosacoche(MAG)MG3404.


    Don’t think is the Condor A-540. It had a lower headlight & didn’t have the large horn under the headlight. It also A-540 used a single cylinder MAG engine.


    Condor, Motosacoche and Universal supplied motorcycles to the Swiss military. Most likely used over small bike also. Photos of Swiss WW2 bikes must be rare. My main book of WW2 military motorcycles has none for Swiss bikes.

    FWIW, most euro military spec motorcycles of that era were spec to have hand shift.

  3. I would say it’s an Ariel Red Hunter twinport. If you look at the tank you will see the letters RIE which is part of the A(RIE)L logo. these letters do not fit any other manufacturer.n the gear lever on the tank is an exact match as is the length and angle of the exhausts. Hope this helps…

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