1. Neat footage of an interesting pistol. A gun so homely it’s beautiful.I’ve never fired mine. When I searched for ammo the few sources that listed it were out of stock. Can you suggest a source?

  2. Neither place has any in stock. That’s what I found the last time I wandered off on the tangent of looking for it. Poor timing I suppose. Will probably eventually spring for dies and brass unless sanity prevails. Unlikely but hey, it could happen.

  3. First production pistol with a swinging lock block in a barrel within the slide construction. Others like Mauser C96, Bergman, Earlier Nambus contain same lock;
    Breechblock within the barrel extention layout. This pistol is also first production
    pistol with a return spring coiled around a reciprocally moving short recoiling barrel.

    • Better described as “Swinging” or “Hinged” rather than
      “Sliding” since locking block makes a rotatiional movement instead of linear as being present in Strike One.

      • Sorry for the wrong description. Locking Block makes an
        vertical sliding movement but not guided by a cam pin inside an oval hole as being on Strike one, but by a camming path cut on the receiver. In fact, similarity is obvious and surprising. Both pistol get locked at sides and unlocked by a central unit through a vertical sliding movement. Hinged or swinging type is present for P38.

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