The GI’s Darling: M1911A1 at the BUG Match

What more classic backup gun is there than the M1911A1, beloved by GIs as a backup to their M1 Carbines, M1 Garands, BARs, and tanks? Today I’m running an April 1945 production original military M1911A1 at the match. Note that this gun puts me in the “Big 5” division, so I have to start each stage with only 5 rounds in the magazine.

The 1911 is not a beginner’s pistol, but it can certainly deliver if you can run it!

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  1. Thanks for the video! Get to shoot 1911’s in Wild Bunch Action Shooting – wish I had my grandfather’s from WW1.

    I’d just visited the 45th Infantry Division Muslim OKC for the third time (1st two with my uncle during reunions – the last two he was able to attend as a WW2 vet back in 2000/ 2001). If not on the sites radar they have a very impressive small arms collection on display covering Revolutionary War through Persian Gulf conflict. May be able to use some “local” small arms for coverage. FYI same trip hit the WW1 museum in KC (my grandfather was a medic with the 89th) – got pics of a French 75 there – alas, was not wearing my French 75 t-shirt from your merch 🙂

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