Shooting the S&W Model 76 – the Original!

This S&W 76 is being sold by Morphys on October 30, 2018.

I have long been told that the Smith & Wesson Model 76 is a very nice submachine gun to shoot, despite its rather crude appearance. Some complain about a very heavy trigger pull, but this gun does not have that problem. Well, in my opinion the stories I have been told are true – the 76 is an almost boringly comfortable gun to shoot. It is simple and controllable, with no particularly faults I am able to spot.


  1. I just found out that its rate of fire is 750 rpm which is acceptable and I wouldnt call it a low rate of fire sub-machine gun.

  2. I have heard from Navy Seals, in fact, that this gun had an issue. At the time the gun was used by the Navy, the 9mm cartridge has not been adopted by the US military, so they used commercial ammo. In those days ( late 60s and 70s ) US commercial 9mm ammo was way downloaded because there were so many crap 9mm pistols floating around.
    Supposedly, the ammo would not blow the bolt to the rear far enough for the sear to engage the sear notch. So when you pulled the trigger the gun would fire until the mag was empty. The bolt would go far enough to the rear to extract and eject the fired cartridge and to load another, but you couldn’t shut the gun off.

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