LMT Ion-LT Suppressor: Multipurpose, Light, & Low Back-Pressure

LMT’s new line of suppressors is designed for multi-purpose use in mind. The .30 caliber Ion 30 and Ion LT are rated for anything from .17 HMR to .300 Winchester Magnum, including automatic use. Both .30 and .22 caliber endocarps are available, and the mounting system is the standard Hub type. The company has muzzle devices of their own for both 5.56mm and 7.62mm standard rifles, making it an easy proposition to move an Ion around between several different guns. The construction is seam welding, so they cannot be disassembled – but they shouldn’t ever need to be. The regular Ion is all steel, and the LT model uses inconel baffles and a titanium base to reduce weight a bit.

Designed for minimal back pressure, I found the Ion-LT really did live up its claims. It was light, quiet, and caused no cycling or gas issues on my HCAR…which I am now calling the SHhhhCAR.

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  1. “(…)rated for(…).17 HMR(…)”
    Are there any sub-sonic load for said cartridge? If not why someone might want to couple it with fire-arm chambered for said cartridge? Flash will be lower, but is it excessive in any weapon chambered for said cartridge?

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