Swedish Ljungman rifle

Some successful weapons have taken a decade or more to get into production, and some – like the Swedish AG42 – have gone from schematic to general issue in barely a year. The Swedes started looking into a semiauto service rifle in 1938, and Swedish engineer Erik Eklund submitted his design in 1941, and it was formally adopted in 1942.  The rifles was ultimately used with only minor changes into the late 1960s by the Swedish military.

Ljungman AG42
Ljungman AG42

We have added a Ljungman page to the Vault, with a history and description of the gun, along with an original English manual and a translation of a Swedish military manual.


  1. Ohhh , looks like the AR’s gas tube is not so original as i thought. you must get a face full of gas when you shoot this !

  2. Thak God the Wehrmacht didn’t sweet-talk the Swedes into the rights to build this for themselves…this was, and still is, a fine rifle!

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