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Thanks to Carolus L., we have a batch of Swedish military manuals for you today. We always enjoy getting international mail, and the package from Carolus was no exception. The most interesting piece of material was a 1951 general manual covering all type of material from bicycles and gas masks to flame throwers and machine guns. For small arms, it includes the AG42 Ljungman, m/94, m/96, and m/38 Mausers, m/37 LMG (copy of the BAR), m/37-39 (copy of the Suomi), m/45 (aka Carl Gustaf SMG), m/07 pistol (copy of the Colt 1903), and m/40 Lahti pistol. It is in Swedish, of course, so we are more or less limited to looking at the photos and diagrams.

Swedish m/37 BAR

Also in the batch were a 2000 manual on the Kulspruta 58B (aka MAG-58B, aka FN-MAG) and a 1979 manual for the m/48 Granatgevär (the Carl Gustaf M48 recoilless rocket launcher). The m/48 manual is pretty extensive in its coverage of tactics and proper utilization of the weapon, and the MAG-58 manual is chock full of photos demonstrating all aspects of disassembly and functioning of that weapon. Both very cool to browse through.

Lastly, we received a pair of “Militära Fakta” (:Military Facts”) pamphlets which describe the overall TOE and organization of the Swedish armed forces. These are from 1976/77 and 1982/83.

All five documents can be downloaded here, in PDF format. Thanks, Carolus!

Soldatinstruktion for Armen (Swedish, 1951)
Soldatinstruktion for Armen (Swedish, 1951)
Kulspruta 58B Manual (Swedish, 2000)
Kulspruta 58B Manual (Swedish, 2000)
Militara Fakta 1976-77 (Swedish)
Militara Fakta 1976-77 (Swedish)
Militara Fakta 1982-83 (Swedish)
Militara Fakta 1982-83 (Swedish)
Granatgevar m/48C Manual (Swedish, 1979)
Granatgevar m/48C Manual (Swedish, 1979)


  1. Cykeln! Wish I had a Kg/37 6.5x55mm installed on my bicycle! Heck, I’d settle for an AG42!

    Tack så mycket! I had ABSOLUT-ly no idea the Swedes used the Panzerfaust, erm, “Pansarskott”… Learn something new every day–Well, at least here @ forgotten weapons! 😉

    • Well, Carlsson from the Roof beat me to the Panzerfaust comment, but Suomi and early m/45 manual was also nice to see 🙂

    • Officially the m/07 was used up until the late 80s.
      In reality it was used by conscripts and home guard units for another few years.

      Interestingly the m/07 outlived the m/40 in service.

  2. Hi Ian.

    I have some stuff like this.
    I have an armorers manual for the M/58 machine gun.
    As well as two manuals describing proper use of rifles, pistols, machine guns, and man portable anti armor weapons.
    If you’re interested I’ll try to scan them and send them to you.

    I’m fluent in Swedish too, so I might be able to do some minor translations for you.
    My spelling and grammar in English is far from perfect, but I’s still better than what you’d get from translation software.

  3. Very informative — many, many thanks to Carolus for his generosity in sharing these documents, and also to Ian for making them available on-line. The MAG-58 and Carl Gustaf M48 manuals brought back a lot of memories.

  4. Are you a bunch of skool boyshaving your knolige from Hollywood films.
    The sweeds never used the panzerfaust, they used the LAw, that sometimes was called the Panzerfaust
    There are no Suomi M 45 The swedes used a copy of the suomi M 37 in 9 mm Browning long, it was modified to M37/39 to shoot the 9 X 19 round . In 1945 a Carl Gustav version of the sten, was interduced as M 45, painted green it was called M45B, some were made to adapt the M94 bayonet, this was used by the royal gards and some FN Personel.I newer heard of a Carl Gustav M48

    • Did you bother to look at the materiel being discussed here? The Soldatinstruktion book includes diagrams showing the operation of the Panzerfaust (not the LAW) for example. I would suggest you hesitate before you criticize.

    • RE : Carl Gustav ( Carl Gustaf ) M48

      The well-known Carl Gustav 84mm multi-purpose recoilless rifle was formally designated in its country of origin ( Sweden ) as the Grg m/48 ( Granatgevar or “Grenade Rifle” Model 48 ). Like the MAG-58 7.62mm GPMG, the M48 was, and is, very widely used by many armed forces throughout the world, and I am sure that I am not the only one on this site who has used one or both weapons.

    • Perhaps some of the confusion regarding the “M48” identification for the Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle stems from the fact that most troops using the weapon simply refer to it as the “Carl Gustav”, “Eighty-Four” or “Recoilless Rifle” ( depending on which armed forces you are examining ), it being understood that this is the weapon in question. The formal model designation is seldom used.

  5. The m/07 is actually a copy of the FN Model 1903, not the Colt 1903. Both were based on the same original John Browning design, but the FN version was larger and fired the 9mm Browning Long.

    In fact, Sweden also used some FN-made Model 1903s too, and just like the domestic copies they were designated m/07 in service.

  6. “the Carl Gustaf M48 recoilless rocket launcher” say what ? it is not a rocket launcher 🙂


    I have the books for AK5 (FNC) and AK4 (G3), but I guess thats nothing you want, to bad I didn’t take the old weapon books from hour home guard “club” house before we sold it to the local hunters. Had the service manual for the lahti pistol there

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