StealthGear Onyx 1911 Holster Giveaway

I recently reviewed a new holster for – a pretty swanky hybrid kydex design by a new company called StealthGear. They’re calling it the Onyx, and I came away very impressed by the design and the workmanship. It’s stable and conceals well, and it does a very good job of ventilating heat and sweat in hot environments. You can read my full review here: StealthGear Onyx Holster Review.

Anyway, when they were sending me the holster to review, we had a bit of a communications slipup, which resulted in my initial receipt of a right-handed holster instead of a left-handed one. We resolved that issue, but it left me with two of the holsters. Rather than send them back the right-handed one (which is brand new and has never been worn), I suggested that I give it away to someone here. StealthGear thought that was a cool idea, so here we are.

To be clear, this is a holster already in my possession, so there is no choice of pistol model. It’s a right-handed holster for a full-size 1911 (although it will of course fit 1911 copies – I use the lefty one to carry my Ballester-Molina). If you don’t carry a 1911-style heater, it won’t do you much good. But if you do carry a 1911, and want a slick new IWB holster, here’s your chance!

I’m going to pick a winner by random drawing in two weeks (on February 10th, to be announced February 11th). There are two ways to get your name in the hat for the drawing:

  • Just send me an email with “Stealthgear” in the subject line. That’ll get you into the drawing
  • If you’re a Premium Member, it will get your name in the drawing two times
  • If you want a better chance, you also have the option to write a guest article for ForgottenWeapons. That will get your name into the hat five times, and the best article or three will be featured on the web site over the next month or two. Not sure if your idea for an article is right for the site? Email me, and we’ll figure it out!

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