SMG Comparison: Bernardelli VB vs Beretta Model 4

These are Lots 1069 (Bernardelli) and 2034 (Beretta) in the upcoming October 2019 Morphys Extraordinary auction.

Yesterday we looked at the short-lived Bernardelli VB submachine gun made a few years after World War 2, and compared it to the post-war Beretta Model 4 SMG. Having seen how different the two guns really are, it’s time to take them to the shooting range and see how they compare in actual firing…


  1. What a luck to sample these exotics!
    Now, how would look like HK MPS and Beretta 38 comparison? I bet MP5 would take the price.

  2. Nice of them to make a left-ejecting SMG for our southpaw host.

    It seemed like the Beretta doubled quite a bit on the SA trigger. Or was that just me?

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