Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat Manual

It has come to our attention that our friend Boris Karpa – who helped us out translating a batch of test reports on the Dror LMG – has released his first work on Amazon. It’s a translation of an early WWII Soviet manual, entitled Destroy the Enemy in Hand-to-Hand Combat. Unlike many professional translators, Boris is well acquainted with arms and warfare, and understands the concepts being discussed in a manual like this which always makes for a better translation.

Destroy the Enemy in Hand-to-Hand Combat

The content of the manual isn’t quite the hand-to-hand combat we might think of today, but rather the very no-nonsense, effective and deadly skillset you would expect from 1941 Russia. The major chapters include effective movement, fighting with the entrenching shovel, grenades, and bayonets. We think it’s a cool piece of work on several levels – both for its intended purpose to teach some basic skills (we all have rifles with bayonets, and who hasn’t occasionally wondered how they are meant to be used?) and as a glimpse into the Soviet military from their dark days in WWII.

The translated manual is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook only (no physical copy for sale yet), for a mere $2.99. If this is something you find interesting, pick up a copy and help support someone doing interesting work!


  1. Is the actual translation of the original title “Destroy the Enemy..” or is that just the title Mr. Karpa gave it?

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