RIA: Pedersen PA Carbine

We have done a number of videos recently on various different Pedersen long guns (the PA rifle, the Japanese copy, shooting the PB rifle, etc), but there was one version that I have not covered yet (aside from the US trials rifles). That’s the Vickers factory PA carbine. Only a small number of these were made, at the end of the Vickers-Pedersen production run.

The mechanism of the Pedersen carbine is identical to that of the rifle, the carbine simply has a barrel about 2 inches shorter and a cut down stock. These would have been used by cavalry units or by sportsmen wanting a slightly lighter and handier rifle. It certainly does look like a sporterized rifle, but this is the correct original factory configuration.


  1. Actually, the stock reminds me a lot of the .30-40 Krag cavalry carbine, which for my money was the most ergonomic weapon ever adopted by the US military. If only one of my grandfathers had had sense enough to pick up a few of them when they were surplused in the 1920s for some ridiculous price ($10 @ is the number I seem to recall) and put them in storage…..

    • There was also a Springfield carbine with a similar stock back in the early single heat-treatment period. Other than the brisk recoil you’re going to get from a .30-06 that light, I think it would make a nearly ideal “utility rifle”, even today, if that receiver was just a bit stronger.



  2. The carbine stock certainly helps in being lighter and less likely to throw the barrel off in terms of mechanical vibrations. It is also less prone to snagging in the bushes…

  3. A fine example of “Most Intriqued Autoloader Rifle Ever Produced”. Mr. Pedersen looks as an inventor liking to give approaches through hard and even sacred way. If it were not the “Momentum convertion through loose elements sharing same input”, these rifles seem not work. IMHO.

  4. The carbine looks like it would have made a very handy little sporting rifle. It’s a shame that was never pursued, probably due to cost I would imagine.

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