Semiauto pistol

Bren Ten: The Most Tactical Pistol!

September 30, 2015 Ian McCollum 58

The Bren Ten is an interesting story of handgun development and business failure. The gun was first developed by Dornaus & Dixon, with the consulting help of the iconic Col. Jeff Cooper. It was intended […]

Semiauto pistol

6.5mm Mannlicher 1894 at James D Julia

September 26, 2015 Ian McCollum 26

The Mannlicher 1894 is one of a small number of firearms designed with a blow-forward action, and also the first of these guns. It was the creation of Ferdinand Mannlicher, a brilliant and prolific Austria […]


MGK-1000 Gunnery Camera at James D Julia

September 25, 2015 Ian McCollum 5

With the advent of aircraft, marksmanship instruction gained a huge new element of complexity. Now there were gunners firing at rapidly moving aerial targets from the ground and worse, gunners in moving aircraft shooting at […]


Type 89 Knee Mortar at James D Julia

September 23, 2015 Ian McCollum 41

The Type 89 grenade discharger, commonly known as the “knee mortar” was a Japanese light infantry weapon introduced in 1929 which blurs the lines between grenade launcher and mortar. Like a mortar, it fires propelled […]


Shooting a Colt CMG-3 at James D Julia

September 21, 2015 Ian McCollum 58

In the mid/late 1960s, Colt was manufacturing AR-15 rifles and wanted to supply light machine guns to go with them – so they developed the CMG-2 (“Colt’s Machine Gun”). The CMG-2 competed against the Stoner […]