1. The Remington 03A3 I have is a tackdriver.
    My Original Springfield 1903A1/ USMC M1941 sniper rifle that I bought in 1967
    has never been beaten in our local CBA Vin Mil cast bullet matches

  2. I suspect the most practical way to shoot the M1903a4 sniper rifle is by using obsolete old-school rifle doctrine: by making use of the magazine cutoff.

    So the rifle is used as a single-shot weapon, preserving the loaded magazine for emergency firepower. That unusual magazine-cutoff feature could make the M1903 rifle one of the more practical scoped sniper-conversions of Mauser-type standard military rifles.

  3. Looks like it. same one he was wearing in his promo on WWII American Weapons.
    Seen a couple of “Casques” pop up in WWII you tube Videos, really obvious when other actors wearing proper US ones.

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