Prototype Matra Manurhin Compact SMG at the Range

I came across this prototype (serial number 7) PDW/compact SMG in a collection, and had the opportunity to take it out to try on the range. I don’t have any specific data about it, but it was made by Matra Manurhin, which only existed for 5 years, from 1985 until 1990. This was part of the repeated reorganization on the original arms maker Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin (the most recognizable part of the company, the MR73 revolver, was sold to Chapuis Armes in 1998).

The gun is a simple blowback, open bolt submachine gun in 9x19mm. It has a short barrel of about 4 inches, and a side-mounted folding stock.Rate of fire is high, but not as high as I had initially expected, and it was surprisingly comfortable and controllable to shoot. It never went into production, though.


  1. I really dont like these kind of visual comparisions (because they are often “loaded” with untrue facts about something being a copy, or based on),
    but it reminds me somewhat on brasilian Uru

  2. o.k. I watched it. interesting, but what about internal parts? springs and so. and where can i put my questions? for example some open bolt smg has so called safety notches, for example Star Model Z84 has 3 notches, but it fires from the last one. but i still do not understand why it does not stop on the second or first one, when i release the trigger? thx

        • I just joined Forgotten Weapons. I was reading some of the old emails about vintage Spanish hand guns and how folks are having trouble finding parts to repair them. I have a vintage .32 Trocaola Aramzabal Y cia revolver, Model 92, Serial #81995?, with the star engraved in the cylinder. Its in decent shape considering it probably served in WWll. If anyone is interested in purchasing it please email me. I don’t use the pistol and I believe the last time I fired it was approx 12 years ago. Thanks.

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