Overview of Maltese Gun Laws

Continuing our periodic series discussing gun laws around the world, I am joined today by Stephen Patroni of the Association of Maltese Arms Collectors and Shooters to discuss the laws on Malta. Malta is one of the smallest countries in the European Union, and has some rather remarkable laws by comparison to most of the EU. As always, please remember that this is an overview only, and many details are generalized.


  1. *I’ll not move to Malta in the near future.Can you do something to change laws in Greece ? The vz 52/57 was great, something i wanted for long time ! Shoot it if you can. By the way, in magasine fed, what if it was combined with a B.A.R. rate reducer ? Minimi as well…You see, the shadow of JMB will always follow us !

    • Browning and plenty of other guys left legacies for their successors in the gun crafting trade. The problem is when people try to “improve” upon the basic design without proper testing in simulated conditions (namely that the product must be tested by intended end-users in any possible worst-case-scenario environments). I think we know which groups were guilty of such tomfoolery, if the M14 and L85 come to mind…

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