Noël’s 10-Shot Pocket Turret Revolver

Designed by A. Noël in 1865 and manufactured by Gouery, Canat et Cie in Paris, this is a .28 caliber, 10-shot turret revolver. It has a folding double-action trigger, and is actually a remarkably svelte pistol, ideal for a gentleman’s coat pocket (as one does in 1865). Best as I can tell, about 500 of these were made, almost certainly falling out of favor because of the availability of much more modern systems. Noël’s gun is a pellet-primer design, which was fairly old technology a decade before these were patented.

Sold for $4,888 at the December 2019 RIA Premier auction.


  1. I would guess that another customer objection would be the usual turret problem of having two or more loaded cylinders pointing at the operator.

    And I might guess that risk of flash-over is somewhat higher with pellet primer than with percussion caps.

    • I have no clue for the second question, but I sure can answer the first one.
      It would be “dix coups rapidement” (the -x, -ps, and -t being silent here) but t doesnt sound that great and I cant think of a fanciest formulation.

  2. Was there a practical limit to the size / power that these turret types shot. Or was this a disadvantage – advantage of the standard revolvers?

  3. If I was marketing this gun, I’d call it Modele 605, In Roman numerals, that’s DCV. Which stands for “Dix Coups — Vite!”

    No, I probably wouldn’t sell many pistols, but I think it’s a cute idea anyway.

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