1. Ian, The first 1 is a bolt for a 1873 Winchester(Let me know if you want to part with that please ), The second , is MOST of a rear sight for a HK91/ G3, Rob Hughes

  2. The sight looks like HK, all right – but not the HK41/91 rifle (semi-only G3), which would be a vertical drum, but rather of the belt-fed machine gun, HK21 – judging by the range figures reaching 1200 meters. HK11, 23 and G8, G73 series all had 1100 meters sight drums, only the HK21 was sighted out to 12 hundred. The HK13 had a rifle-type vertical drum sight.

  3. This is a bolt from one of the first semi-auto rifle designs–the 1873 Winchester (with Browning experimental modifications). The cross pin should come out and there should be a slot cut into the firing pin tunnel for the retractor (which fits on the pin and is actuated by the toggle link. Nice shape.

  4. Late the party but that is a Winchester 1873 bolt for sure. I happen to have two of them (bolts) in my closet.

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