Mauser Selbstlader manual

We recently added a much better writeup on the early Mauser semiauto rifle designs, and while searching through some material I realized that we have a copy of an original Mauser Selbstlader manual.

Mauser Selbstlader
Top - Mauser M1910/13, aka Selbstlader-Karabiner Mauser M1916 Bottom - Mauser M1906/08

The Mauser Selbstlader (“Mauser Self-loader”) was one of the rifles issued for use early in aircraft early in World War I. The design gave very accurate fire, but at the price being intolerant of dirt or grime. It required lubricated cartridges for extraction, and has very tight manufacturing clearances, which were a show-stopper for ground troops but not a problem for aviators.

If you wish to see disassembly instructions for this family of rifles, as well as good photos of all the internal parts, you can take a look at the manual on the Mauser Selbstlader page in the Vault or through the link here:

Mauser Selbstlader manual
Mauser Selbstlader manual


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