Get your own Forgotten Weapon!

Looking for a way to really take your own collection to the next level? Well, here’s a way you can get into the Forgotten Weapons club and the NFA club at the same time:

Breda PG on GunBroker

Yep, that’s a live, transferable Breda PG up for sale on GunBroker. As you may recall from reading the Breda PG page in the Vault, it was chambered in 7mm Mauser (this batch for Costa Rica was, anyway) and was the first production rifle we’re aware of to use a burst mechanism. For the Breda, a selector allowed single shot, full auto, and 4-round burst. Now that’s a rifle your buddies don’t have.

For the record, we don’t know the seller or have any financial interest in the sale. If I though I could afford it, I’d bid myself and try to keep anyone from noticing the opportunity! 🙂 So at this point, I will wish good luck to any interested parties – if you buy it after seeing it here, maybe you’ll let us come shoot it with you?

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