Mauser HSc

The HSc was Mauser’s attempt to compete with the highly successful Walther PP design. Development began in 1934, and was ready for mass production in 1938. The German Arms Bureau did not allow production to begin until 1940, however, as it wanted Mauser to focus on production of military contracts.

Mauser HSc cutaway view
Mauser HSc cutaway view

When the HSc (Hahn Selbstspanner modell C; double-action model C) did go into production, the guns were serial numbered starting with #700,000, to pick up where Mauser 1914/34 pistol production ended. A total of 252,000 HSc pistols were made during World War II, with 137,000 purchased by the German Army, 27,000 by the Navy, 28,000 by various police units, and 59,000 sold commercially (including many sales to soldiers who were not issued pistols).

Mechanically, the HSc is a simple blowback design, chambered for .32ACP (postwar variants were also made in 9x17mm). As with most contemporary pistols, they used a heel-mounted magazine release and a safety on the slide.

We have an original Mauser manual for the HSc (in German), which you can download either here or from the Mauser HSc page in the Vault.

Mauser HSc manual (German)
Mauser HSc manual (German)


  1. In an unrelated forgotten category, this is the model for the old disk-shooter guns back when I was a kid.

    I remember being delighted to discover the toy was based on a real gun.

  2. Honestly, I always thought the HsC was a much more attractive pistol then the PPK. I would love to fire one one day, but every one I’ve ever seen at a gun show was just a bit too damned rich for my blood….

  3. Interesting model of Mauser fmily,
    I always was atracted by Mauser production neather it C96 or M712 Schnellfeuer..
    No matter what model of guns made in Germany they just perfect and mostly not fail in combat..

  4. Interarms imported post war versions in .380 caliber
    that are sill available and made in Oberndorf by Mauser.
    Great pistols including the Mauser HSC Super made under license
    in Italy that has a large capacity magazine. The pistols are classic
    and timeless in my opinion. The sleek styling is as stylish today
    as it was for the first pistol produced.

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