Last Chance to Pre-Order My Book!

Today is the last day of the Kickstarter pre-sale for my book, Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifle 1866-2016. Ordering in the presale means you will get the exclusive pre-sale blue cover, a whole pile of extra features, and a discounted price over the retail sale that starts afterwards. I’m thrilled by the way to book looks, and I think it will be an outstanding book as both a reference guide and a piece of art in and of itself. The popularity of the presale has absolutely blown me away; it is currently the 2nd most-funded publishing project ever on Kickstarter. Thank you all so very much for the support, and I look forward to shipping your books out!

(For PayPal pre-orders, use this link)


  1. Mr.McCollum,

    Last night I watched a four year old video. Amazing how much you and your content have matured even since then. You have become a force on the Internet, Ian. And in the often volatile arena of firearms no less. Your work is well known, and well respected, worldwide by both novice and cognoscenti. You have become an expert among a field of experts. You have worked alongside some of the industry’s best minds. You have managed to keep content fresh, rotating through a large bandwidth of various topics. You have kept your eye on the ball throughout. You have recorded for posterity such a wealth of knowledge and useful information that future generations will be quoting you as the primary source material for hundreds of weapons, patents, and design functions. Well done, sir. Good luck, and godspeed on your book.


    One request… look up Mr.’Leroy Thompson’ the famous gunwriter, and find some excuse to do an interview with him. His knowledge and expertise is vast and deep. The two of you would have much to share that would be of use. Consider the possibility, for what it’s worth. (VIP Close Protection Detail weapons in the post-Cold War/ pre-information age, perhaps?)

  2. An interesting book, I would gladly order it for myself. But now there is no time for that. I just recently found someone who do my coursework, I used for that. I myself would not write and I will not write for sure! Now I just exhaled, because I got rid of one problem.

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