Russian Gun Laws w/ Max Popenker

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Today Max Popenker joins me again, this time to explain the state of guns laws today in Russia. This is part of continuing series I am doing about gun laws around the world. What is involved in owning a gun in different places? What about hand guns, machine guns, and large collections? Let’s find out…


  1. Yes, let me go traipsing through Siberia carrying 60 lbs of belt fed, water cooled, “hunting Carbine.” Thank you Russia, this is one area where laws are almost done right.

  2. What about antique gun collecting – and shooting – in Russia. Are there old guns available and does anybody enjoy using them? Also, how are guns – old guns especially – traded and sold?

  3. About that magazine capacity and ways to go around it… I wonder where term Potemkin’s village came form. Meaning something else on surface than behind it 🙂

    Also, public can go up to so far, but “accredited” shooters can have whatever suits to them. Like Mr. Popenker says: if you have Mercedes car, you can probably afford Mercedes guns…. Isn’t it definition of double standard?

  4. When he mentioned the DP-27, one followup I would have liked to see was asking about caliber maximums (Can one own a 12.7x108mm “hunting carbine”?).

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