Kalashnikov USA KP-9 (Semiauto Vityaz) at the Range

Today I have Kalashnikov USA’s KP-9 (which is a virtually exact semiauto copy of the Vityaz SMG) out at the range. I chose the most suitable ammo to try it out with; slightly rusty steel-case Tulammo. And it just ate it all up. The KP-9 does not have the best trigger or the lightest recoil (although neither is actually bad), but it simply runs like flawless clockwork – and it easy to hit with to boot.


  1. You might try the ALG recoil spring. Got one in my AKX-9 and it makes the recoil softer while still working with every flavor of ammo I’ve tried.

  2. As for that missing witness hole in the magazine: drill one.

    And as for boring to shoot: get further way and fire while moving, but you knew that 🙂

  3. While undoubtedly effective etc. It appears somewhat overkill (including looking rather like a Christmas tree) for an sub machine gun. Was it considered worth it by its Russian customer i.e. acquired in volume by them and did any other countries buy / use it – was it widely exported and used as a standard gun by other than Russia?

  4. They are not very used in Russia itself too…
    Mostly for parades and commercials.
    In the presence of the AKS-74u and “normal” SMGs, this is useless trash and an extra headache for the chief of armaments.

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