Japanese Aerial Gunnery Camera

I got an email recently from a producer of a TV program who is looking for a vintage photo of a Japanese aerial gunnery training camera – specifically a Type 89 Rokuoh-Sha:

Japanese aerial gunnery training camera

He wants something showing one in context – mounted on an aircraft, with some trainees or pilots, or that sort of thing. I don’t have any pictures like that, so I figured I’d ask the audience here – anyone have something along those lines? In lieu of a Type 89 specifically, he would probably be happy to get a period photo of any Japanese training camera. If you have such a photo, please email me and I will give you the fellow’s contact info. If you have one you would be willing to share but don’t want to be involved with a TV producer, I would be happy to pass it along anonymously.



  1. Interesting. The Serial Number on the one above is #3739. Simpson’s ( http://www.simpsonltd.com ) has the same type of camera for sale ; the Serial Number on that example is #4785. There is also a very good post ( with detailed close-ups ) of Camera #7510 by Mike Peters over at ww2.weaponsforum.com ( ww2.weaponsforum.com/showthread.php?616-Japanese-Machine-Gun-Camera ). Some of the comments by other forum members are pretty informative as well.

    No luck yet with my search for a photo of the camera in actual use, though.

  2. Since we sold that camera back in December I checked to see if we had any additional or accompanying photographs. Unfortunately, the only additional photos of the item were those that we took of different parts. No period photos that collectors sometimes include with their items.

  3. Still no luck after days of searching. I am beginning to think that the desired end-user photographs in question will only be found in a handful of private personal collections, which begs a new question — can we, or your friend, cast a large enough net through well-publicized appeals to a very wide, preferably international, audience to increase the odds that someone will have a photo or two on hand, and be willing to share?

    There might be some long-retired IJN or Japanese Army Air Force aircrew ( or their descendants ) who will have such photo-documentation in their possession. Perhaps an advertisement in the appropriate Japanese media would help?

  4. HI, I just read this post. Maybe a bit late, but I have that camera in my collection, serial: 1182. To bad I don’t have the photo asked, but if we can do a photoshoot in Belgium with my gun-camear, I will be pleased and honored to help with it. Although I don’t know if there is any zero in Belgium.
    The reason why there are so few photo’s of it in use, could be because the camera gun was mostly used inside the plane itself, replacing the real machine gun.

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