1. Couldn’t quite see how Mr. M. held the grip but this fellow has some interesting advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEfdg-wzJJ0

    Speaking of the 12-shot magazine, the slightly extended grip, and the extra two rounds, seems to me to make a big difference.

    Mr. M chose to install the manual safety for what I think was a good reason. I wonder if the Springfield Hellcat would have sold better or worse if it had the grip safety of its larger brethren …

  2. Question, is that an Irish Military Jacket you are wearing in this match ? Or just a Ireland Patch ? If Jacket is available, where did you get it from please ?

  3. I never understood what advantage people see in a red point sight for this sort of competition, beyond destroying the concealability of the weapon. Maybe I overlooked an important part, but the me it looked as if Ian never(!) used the optical sight but smply pointed at the realistically large targets.

    • Probably was not the best example, of er… Targets to shoot at; you could have thrown the gun at most of them & hit them in head.

      But still a compact package should you want to er… Well… Maybe you need a longer barrel and a two finger grip to engage targets with an optic beyond throwing range.

      Mind you it must be said Ian is, not a great shot really; in general, an expert and fine guide to the world of firearms; but like… Maybe needs glasses or something. Fit enough, but seems to struggle at hitting barn doors so to speak… Cough! What… I am not calling him, he enjoys it; just saying he would be 2nd or 3rd… 4th of who to give a Dmr to wouldn’t he. He he, sorry no offence; I just mean some folk are better at shooting than others, like I don’t know footballers… Some folk are better than others at soccer, naturally type thing.

      Anyway, tinker with it feck around! Super.

      • https://youtu.be/VrdS8mYtEh4 Ok your a super hot ninja! “I want you to use a gun with a safety to fire under your legs, to hit 20 out of 24 clays mind; thinking of you” After doing 3 complete texas stars at 25yrds with your right hand with this and two mags then throwing the gun at the centre of a third texas star causing all the plates to fall off at once. Buy!! 26th of March, 9.99 bux 02:30hrs Tyson fury as an undercard vs Jake paul. See Unforgettable weapons.com.

        (Ian you need to practice this, don’t mess up; think super hot ninja… But with a gun that has a safety… Disclaimer)

  4. It would be neat if you timed yourself at your desert sub gun range with a practical course of fire with both grip modules as they are so easy to swap… would be interesting to see how it affected the times.

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