Building a Custom SIG P365 With

Today’s video is about my project to build a custom SIG P365 at ModGuns. Like the P320, the P365 is built around a steel Fire Control Unit as the legal, serialized firearm. Everything else – barrels, grip frames, slides, etc – can be changed around like Legos. Now, there isn’t as much aftermarket support for the P365 as the P320 (yet), but there are still some interesting choices that can be made. I think my set of choices is results in a pretty neat gun.


  1. Ian, be very careful when referring to Legos and guns in the same sentence. Odd combinations can result, particularly in a world of plastic fantastic guns.

  2. Nice to see customizable parts in guns other than 1911s which have always been the easiest to modify. Back in the 1970s there was a kit for 1911s that gave the owner everything from .22 long rifle to .45 ACP in one box. the .22 was a complete top end and the rest were a top end for .30 Luger and 9 mm Luger, a top end for 38 Super, the .45 original top and a barrel in.38/45, with appropriate magazines for each caliber. So Sig how about an interchangeable top end in .22 long rifle for the 320 and 365?

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