Ian on the China History Podcast

Laszlo Montgomery runs the China History Podcast, and today he posted a show we recorded talking about Warlord Era pistols – but he also has a whole slew of material on pretty much every aspect of Chinese history (he’s been doing the show for many years).

If you are interested in some more detailed discussion about the guns in my upcoming book on Chinese pistols, check out that interview here:

If you’re sick of hearing about those pistols but want to take a deep dive into the Warlord Era itself, he has a ten-part series just on that period:

And if you are curious about other aspects of historical China, here’s the whole show archive:


  1. A stunning contents, expanded by month. Guns, guns, guns…. back to guns please. Just kidding 🙂

    I latch on the name Laszlo Montgomery if I may. What a combination: Laszlo is “Luis/ Lewis/ Ludwig” in Hungarian and Montgomery is Scottish; my guess. And he knows Chinese history.. wow!

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